Liquid Tight Chemical Protective Clothing (XL)


    The cloth is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) coated with polypropylene polymer, which provides effective protection against common inorganic strong acid and alkali chemicals
    Passed GB24539-2021 (Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6) and EN1149-5 antistatic standard test
    Three-piece hat, more fitting head
    Non-right Angle sleeve structure, allowing greater freedom of movement
    Rubber band closing design
    Add a thumb ring to prevent the cuff from shrinking back
    Crotch structure, improve the durability of protective clothing
    Double zipper design
    It can be used in petrochemical, industrial cleaning and maintenance, dangerous goods disposal, disease and disaster control and other fields

Product Details

Product No BF0211-XL
Material High density PE film + non-woven fabric
Clothing test performance Type3,4,5,6
Chest Circumference(CM) 108-116
Height(CM) 180-188
pcs/carton 20
Executive standard GB 24539-2021;ANTI-STATIC EN1149-5:2018
Warranty Terms This product is consumable, not within SATA lifetime warranty.

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