SATA, as a subsidiary of the Apex Tool Group, focuses on providing medium-end and high-end industrial tools, automotive equipment, and personal protective equipment in the international market. Its products find applications in various industries such as automobile repair, electricity and power grid, electronics and communications, machinery manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, and rail transportation.

SATA products are widely used in industrial production and equipment maintenance in various fields, including machinery manufacturing, power grid, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit, construction machinery, electronic communication and automotive maintenance. At present, SATA products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan, Korea and other regions.

SATA Industrial Tools

SATA hand tools has a high market share in China, with dealers covering 400+ cities in 30 provinces. Its "lifetime guarantee" commitment in the Chinese market has become the industry's service benchmark. It has 4000+ product categories, widely used in power grid, electronic communication, machinery manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit and other industries.

SATA Personal Protection Equipment

In 2011, Skadden personal protective equipment (PPE) series products were launched. It has the full line of six categories of PPE, covering personal protection solutions from head to toe. They are as follows: Head and eye protection: safety helmet, bump cap, protective goggles, etc.; Hearing protection: earplugs; Respiratory protection: mask, half mask, etc; Hand protection: various protective gloves; Foot protection: various safety shoes; Body protection: protective clothing, etc.

SATA Auto Equipment

Focusing on vehicle maintenance and other links in the automotive aftermarket, it fully meets the needs of auto maintenance equipment and tools. It serves OEMs, 4S groups, comprehensive repair shops, chain stores, community stores and other aftermarket customers through SATA Champion Store, distribution and service outlets throughout the country, digital platforms and intelligent interconnected products. In recent years, SATA launched the full line store plan, providing one-stop solutions for store design, maintenance equipment, service support, operation software and skill upgrading training for auto maintenance and repair practitioners via "unified image, unified service and unified training".

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