1.Lifetime Warranty

1.1 Lifetime Warranty Coverage

All SATA registered trademark products, except that "non-lifetime warranty" or "warranty period" and "non-free repair or replacement" are specially marked, under normal use, if the use function is damaged, free of charge Repair until the same product is replaced. Please refer to the information on the product packaging for warranty terms.

*Note: This commitment is not limited by time and region

1.2 Non-free repair or replacement scope

Products that are not registered trademarks of SATA.

  • Products that are not registered trademarks of SATA
  • Wear beyond the life of the tool product
  • SATA products marked with "non-lifetime warranty" or "warranty period"
  • After the tool is used, rust, electroplating peeling, surface scratches, damage to the plastic handle, etc. will not affect the function of the product
  • The product cannot be used due to abnormal use (such as: vandalism, out-of-range use, self-modification, etc.)
  • SATA gifts and premiums

1.3 Product packaging materials, labels and accessories will not be replaced after they are sold.

1.4 Use Logo

In the product catalogue, SATA products are marked with "six months warranty", "one year warranty", etc., there is a clear warranty period and special instructions This product is easy to wear product, not within the scope of SATA lifetime warranty,The products other than "non-guaranteed products" belong to "lifetime warranty" products, and enjoy the promise of SATA to users.

2.Repair or Replace

2.1 Products within the scope of free repair or replacement do not need any certificate, and users can go to any designated sales point of SATA SATA products and fill in the product warranty card for free repair until replacement.

2.2 Free repair or replacement should comply with the principle of repair first and then exchange. The product of the set is subject to the warranty terms of the single product in the set, and the single product is not guaranteed if it is not sold separately.

2.3 If there are accessories or products that are out of stock at the point of sale, SATA will send it to the designated point of sale by post.

2.4 For products that are not repaired free of charge, designated sales points will provide repair services for replacement parts for a fee.

If you do not understand the warranty terms of SATA products, or let us know that you need the services and product information provided by us, you can call 8008203885, 021-60611919

The right to interpret this clause belongs to SATA Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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