Microporous Membrane Chemical Protective Clothing (M)


    The fabric adopts multi-microporous membrane technology and composite technology, which makes the product more light and breathable, and has good performance in liquid and particle protection
    Passed GB24539-2021 (Type 5, Type 6) and EN1149-5 antistatic standard test
    Three-piece hat, more fitting head
    Non-right Angle sleeve structure, allowing greater freedom of movement
    Rubber band closing design
    Add a thumb ring to prevent the cuff from shrinking back
    Crotch structure, improve the durability of protective clothing
    Two-way zipper, easy to operate
    Wrapping strengthens the seam structure
    Can protect a variety of solid dust and liquid aerosols, such as asbestos, glass fiber, lead dust, paint spray, disinfectant/insecticide spray

Product Details

Product No BF0108A
Material Multi-porous PE film + non-woven fabric
Clothing test performance Type5,6
Chest Circumference(CM) 92-100
Height(CM) 168-176
pcs/carton 20
Executive standard GB 24539-2021;ANTI-STATIC EN1149-5:2018
Warranty Terms This product is consumable, not within SATA lifetime warranty.

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