7-Drawer Tool Cart


    The cart body is made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet, ensuring strength and firmness
    Multi functional countertop, capable of classifying and placing tools and parts
    Detachable hanging plate, combined with SATA hooks, suitable for mounting various tools
    Each drawer comes standard with a side lock, Push the tool cart when the drawer is not locked, and the drawer will not slide out
    Drawer inner dimensions: 1st-5th layers 570×390×67MM (L×W×H)

                                              6th-7th layers 570×390×147MM (L×W×H)
    The left and right side hole plates of the car body, combined with Shida hooks, can be used to mount larger tools and items
    Comes with 1 storage box as standard, which can hold Jar shaped goods and can also be used as a mobile parts box
    Single drawer rated load capacity: 35KG
    Overall rated load capacity: 400KG

Product Details

Product No 95107
L×W×H (MM) Casters and a Handle Included 745×523×998(Back Hanging Plate Included)
Net Weight(kg) 70
Warranty Terms Life Warranty

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